The University of Texas has announced that smoking will be prohibited on campus

The University of Texas has announced that smoking will be prohibited on campus

This is a move that was made to preserve U Texas research funding

The University of Texas has been receiving $30 million annually from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) and is able to apply to increase this funding to $80 million. The CPRIT has made it clear that any research funds that UT receives in the future will depend on tobacco-free policies being implemented on the Longhorns' campus.

This has made the University of Texas hurry up in implementing this tobacco-free policy on its campus grounds. A move that it had already set out to do, anyway, in order to preserve research funding.

This is actually a trend that is being seen across universities in the state of Texas. Lance Armstrong endorsed the idea and there has been prodigious public support to ban smoking in public areas. It hasn’t gotten much traction in the Texas legislature, but a lot of research funding has flowed into educational institutions such as Texas Tech and Texas A&M, making them inclined to make their campuses tobacco-free as well.

I guess this is going to affect Longhorns that love to smoke and in 2009, it was shown that nine percent of workers at the University of Texas were frequent smokers. The good thing about this smoking ban on the UT grounds is that the university is actually going to help in providing counseling and therapy so that people won’t smoke.

The University of Texas has actually been smoke-free in its buildings for the past two decades. It then made a decision in 2002 to stop smoking within 20 feet of its buildings. Now after the UT Student Government decided to support a smoking ban, the campus grounds will also be tobacco-free.