Why attend the University of Texas?

Why attend the University of Texas?

It is one of the finest institutions this country has to offer.

I guess I should have started off this blog with this post. I want to say right here that I actually did apply to the University of Texas and was not accepted. Goes to show what a great university it really is. The thing with Texas is that not only is it so academically strong and with that large endowment as well, it has also been recognized as “America’s Best Sports College” by Sports Illustrated in 2002.

According to a report by the USA Today, the University of Texas is the best source of CEOs of Fortune 1000 corporations. I mentioned its endowment and there is something that you Longhorns out there should be proud of and that it is just one out of two public universities in America that has been given a triple-A credit rating from the three foremost credit rating agencies.

But with all the accolades and prestige that the university has, the thing that most appealed to me was the football and the chance to be able to catch a game between the Longhorns and the Texas A&M Aggies.

Having gone to a university in one of the big conferences myself, I think the number one thing is the satisfaction you get from having attended one of America’s finest. Not to mention the alumni base and the lifelong friends that you make.

I remember talking to a friend of mine who went to the same high school as me and who became a Longhorn and he told me that every day he remembers that he is a Longhorn, he goes about his life with that positive swagger!